Our five-fold vision and mission outreaches includes church minister’s forum, church workers training, nationwide crusade, church marriage seminars and youth seminar

  • Church minister’s Forum

The minister’s forum is designed to minister to the church ministers. The church ministers are the tools in the land of God and must be designed to fit for use by the high master. They serve as the determiners of what the church will be.

  • Church Workers’ Training

The church workers are the helpmates for the church ministers. The life and skills of these people cannot be overemphasized. Training of the church workers will therefore impact on the expansion of the church

  • Nationwide Crusade

The duties and callings of the church minister are to prioritize evangelism. It is therefore imperative to preach the kingdom so as to win souls into the Gods’ kingdom.

  • Church Marriage Seminars

The church and society begins form home. Couples must know how to relate to each other and also train their children the fear of God for the betterment of the nation. Therefore, the need for church marriage seminars.

  • Youth seminar

The youth serve as the future leaders. They must be trained to become God fearing individual in the future for the betterment of the nation.